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I’m a Brighton girl born and bred and I moved to Paris in my late teens. I found a beautiful apartment but couldn’t find any funky artwork to adorn my bare walls so became inspired to create some art of my own.

Whilst in Paris, I worked for an international law firm and displayed some of my art in my office. Both clients and colleagues loved my paintings and before long they were selling on a regular basis.

My art was exhibited in the Latin Quarters of Paris, which proved to be a huge success. As a result, my paintings can be found in different corners of the world.

After many happy years in Paris, I returned to Brighton and consequently met my husband. We settled down and had two children and gone were the relaxing days spent painting!

My artwork was in storage until recently. Seeing it again evoked some happy memories and my friends and family have been very encouraging.

Therefore, I decided The Abstract Gallery would be perfect to showcase my art. I really hope that you enjoy looking at it.

Stef Kerswell